Welcome to Madrid!

Madrid means tapas, music, art, history, vibrant nightlife, incredible architecture, and the thrilling Castillian way of life. 

Comforts of Home, Europe’s leading provider of study abroad accommodations, teams up with universities and study abroad programs to offer student apartment living with American-style comfort and security in the Spanish capital. Our characteristically Madrileno apartments are found in great locations in the heart of the city, and are newly-furnished for your comfort. Comforts of Home Madrid offers 24/7 emergency assistance to all of its student guests and has an in-house maintenance team to fix any issues that may arise.

With a diverse selection of bright, spacious apartments in residential buildings, our Madrid apartments offer great shared living spaces, modern furnishings and an easy metro access for a quick commute to campus.

Together, we'll help you make the most of your Madrid experience.